THE COVID PANDEMIC AND E-COMMERCE IN LATIN AMERICA: Echo’s 2020 Survey Predicted the Strong Growth in E-commerce Witnessed in the Region. What will the 2021 Survey Uncover? 2021 ...
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Enlightened Green Consumers are Forging the Future

It has been almost 35 since the World Commission on Environment and Development delivered the seminal report entitled, Our Common Future (1987), which not only catapulted the ...

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The Voices of Echo: Cultivating A Positive Culture in the Workplace

It Takes a Village (and shared Values) While much has been written about workplace culture over the years, and entire courses and disciplines dedicated to the topic – that’s not ...

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From the Vault: Monsterous Minors and Frightening Focus Groups

"Kids these days" can take on a whole new meaning in recruitment, and if you're not careful - they can quickly turn your project into a nightmare situation! Recently we needed to ...

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Big London Energy

  By Jay Tye   I recently attended the Quirks event in London and it felt great to be back in action in-person! If you are anything like me, all of the virtual events during ...

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From the Vault: A Terrifying Tequila Recruit

Like many nightmare stories, ours starts with tequila... or rather, a tequila related recruit. 

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Market Research’s Most Powerful Tool: How to Maximize Online Communities in the Digital Age

It's been more than a decade now that online communities have been available in market research and they’ve taken on a lot of different forms.  Short term communities can be a ...

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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Every Month

Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) 2021 is upon us.

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Announcing: Do-It-Together Communities

Great market research starts with great partnerships. Echo MR, is excited to be collaborating with Recollective to combine our expertise with their world-class platform for our ...

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Project Management and Back to School Success: One in the Same

Summer 2021 is drawing swiftly to a close. And with the end of the summer, comes the beginning of a bright new school year! While I know that the first days of a new school year ...

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Basketball, Boba, and Back to School?

Boba tea anyone?  Taiwan’s most popular drink has taken the US (and probably the world) by storm in recent years, including a shop specifically for this drink in my small hometown ...

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GenZ in the Driver’s Seat for Households’ Online Shopping in Latin America

Adult children living at home in Latin America happily shouldered the responsibility to organize the online shopping for their households during the pandemic. “At the beginning, ...

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