Let’s Ask – Marketers are Batting Around .500 on Coronavirus Messages

The answers keep coming in to our on-going Let’s Ask questions.

As a reminder, Echo is offering at no charge, access to our database and the participants that follow us on social media. We will facilitate the programming, hosting and data-collection of any three open or closed-ended questions. You will receive the raw data and the analyzed results will be shared publicly on our social media and in a newsletter.

The hope, as we’re all getting many questions about how best to behave in relation to research, is to gain some clarity to help our clients (and ourselves) make educated decisions on what the right path forward is.

Here is the latest round.

Echo Market Research surveyed 1,605 US consumers on current impacts and concerns regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Almost 9 of 10 have received some sort of corporate or brand message via email.
  • While 43% find the corporate/brand emails they are receiving “somewhat useful” 15% delete them without reading, 21% find them “somewhat useless” and 5% say they are “infuriating.”

Figure 1. US Consumers. How do you feel about the corporate and brand emails you have been receiving? (% of Respondents)

Many find the updated service messages useful and informative while others describe them as “unrealistic” or “pandering.”

One respondent said, “honestly I haven’t even read most of them. I’ve gotten emails from companies I barely use. But for the ones I do use, I care more about how they’re treating the workers during this rather than their specific effort to clean their stores or whatever.”

Figure 2. US Consumers. Why do you feel that way about the emails? (Word Cloud of Respondent Answers)

Others said:

“It shows humanity and companies caring about the people that made them millions; which is honestly amazing.”

“I like hearing about these companies contributing to the public good. Most of my coverage is coming from the news or the internet media which is all very scaretatic-y.”

“They’re mostly weird pandering and have no impact on me.”

Base: 1,605 US Internet users aged 18+  March 27, 2020,  Source: Echo Market Research

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