Let’s Ask – Confidence in Local, State, and the Federal Government

The answers keep coming in to our on-going Let’s Ask questions.

As a reminder, Echo is offering at no charge, access to our database and the participants that follow us on social media. We will facilitate the programming, hosting and data-collection of any three open or closed-ended questions. You will receive the raw data and the analyzed results will be shared publicly on our social media and in a newsletter.

The hope, as we’re all getting many questions about how best to behave in relation to research, is to gain some clarity to help our clients (and ourselves) make educated decisions on what the right path forward is.

Here is the latest round.

Echo Market Research asked 2,090 US consumers to share how their perceptions have been changed by Covid-19, how they feel various levels of government have responded to the pandemic and what else each level of government can be doing.

  • As a result of Covid-19, confidence in our government and media, along with trust in our politicians, are all tracking slightly lower. The belief that the United States is a world-leader has been shaken more significantly, with 47% feeling this way before Covid-19 and only 29% now.
  • Consumers feel that the Federal Government did not act quickly enough and that their messages were confusing and unclear (61% and 58% somewhat/strongly agree, respectively).
  • Most consumers agree on their perceptions of Municipal, Local and State governments – evenly dividing between “they can do more” vs “they are doing all they can”. Perceptions of the Federal government’s response are more nuanced – with a far greater percentage of Democrats and Independents believing more should be done, as compared to Republicans.


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