Echo On Air Episode 3 – Humanity Happens When You Listen

At Echo, we’re lucky to get to talk with interesting people everyday.  Our guests’ bios include researchers, writers, musicians, artists, professors and everyone in between.  We’ll ask a few questions- some personal and some professional.  Echo On Air highlights people and their stories.

Liliana Bakhtiari was born in Atlanta, Georgia to an immigrant father who escaped into the United States in 1981, and a first generation Iranian mother. As someone who often became a victim of discrimination due to her race, religion and gender identity, Bakhtiari learned first hand about the importance of social justice and committed to pursuing humanitarian work across the globe at an early age.

With over 20 years of social justice experience, Bakhtiari has advocated for women’s and children’s health, refugee resettlement, environmental justice and career training with orphans and human trafficking victims across 24 countries across the globe.

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