Foundations of Echo

Let’s kick off 2021 with a series that digs a little deeper into how we help our clients. We’ll talk fundamentals and unpack why we say we’re reinforcing the human element and doing the hard work. We’ll share more about what we do and why we do it – and most importantly, why you should care. Sound good? Perfect, let’s start with the very top of the funnel, the tip of the iceberg, or whatever starting point cliché you love the most. For Echo, it’s our Active Recruitment.

Active Recruitment

Finding research participants takes real effort. Compromises and shortcuts in your qualitative recruitment technique kick a snowball downhill that builds into one massive headache for your project. We hate headaches.

The How:

    • We use social media to find people where they live and breathe online.  Find being the operative word. Sure we use ads, but every now and then we have to go into an obscure subreddit or forum and get our hands dirty looking for that tough to reach quota.
    • When we’re out of DMs, we pick up the phone.
  • Validation.  Wait — people don’t represent themselves accurately online? We’re generally optimists about humanity here at Echo….that said, we know that bots and fake profiles mingle with the most authentic folks out there. We love verbal rescreening, video articulation of questions, and basic ID verification. 
  • Participant experience. You know that part above about reinforcing the human element? That’s not just about our people doing services. It’s equally important to let participants know what they’re getting themselves into. We’re transparent, we set expectations, and we communicate as humans…not just as researchers. That last line about communication cannot be taken lightly – talking to prospective participants the way you would like to be spoken to is a skillset we all have – but is rarely used in recruitment for research. 

The Why

  • Clients love the high quality of the participants we recruit. Participants that are happy with the experience.

Active Recruitment, hard work done for a simple result.  

Stay tuned for more!

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