GenZ in the Driver’s Seat for Households’ Online Shopping in Latin America

Adult children living at home in Latin America happily shouldered the responsibility to organize the online shopping for their households during the pandemic.

“At the beginning, my parents were skeptical about grocery shopping online. I convinced them, and they discovered the benefits. Now I take the responsibility to do the grocery shopping; I get the list and every month I do the online shopping. We’ll continue taking advantage of [sales] promotions and saving time,”

- GenZ participant in Mexico.

Online Shopping LatAm

New research from Echo MR shows that in the past three months almost half of the online population has bought more than 50% of their regular purchases using online platforms; a significant increase since before the quarantines in 2020. COVID has created new habits and behaviors in the region that are likely to remain; half of the respondents in our study say they will continue buying regular purchases online after the pandemic ends. People from all SES levels and regions of Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia say they are now enjoying shopping online for items such as groceries, clothing, sneakers, and small kitchen appliances.


A GenY participant in Brazil told us that:

"Online shopping makes life easier and gives us the power of choice; we pay less than what we would pay in person.”


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If you’d like a more detailed look at our recent Latin American COVID consumer study results! Link HERE.

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