Managing Stress and Calming Christmas Crises

Holidays got you stressed? Us too!

It’s ironic how the most exciting time of year leads to more panic attacks than any other. In an attempt to steer clear of messages about holiday cheer and the best way to wrap an oddly shaped gift, we’re hoping to give you something you can truly use this season: some tips and tricks to manage the holiday stress fest. 

Because everyone handles stress differently, I’ve asked a few people around Echo to share their go-to approach for finding that ever-so-cherished holiday zen. I’m hopeful within this cornucopia of de-stressing techniques, you find at least one you can put in your pocket and pull out on a stressful day when your usual strategy seems to have failed.


Laura (Project Manager):

Personally, I try to meditate 10 minutes in the morning, keep a positive mindset, journal based on the moon cycles, and make sure I don’t reply to emails that invoke any sort of emotional response for at least 20 minutes. Everyone is stressed during the holidays so providing grace is important, both to yourself and to others.


Christy (Team Lead):

I try to keep it fun. At the start of the week, I focus on priorities for that week and I tend to control my personal life a lot more. I create a Yuletide bucket list, and then I can focus on scheduling those things. I say NO to the things that aren't priorities for us. It's important to have downtime during the season as well so you can enjoy yourself.


Luciano (Project Assistant): 

I manage stress by trying new things, like new music and such. Work can be super stressful during the holidays because you're on autopilot. But trying new things to make it better or different helps.


Jadah (Team Lead):

I tend to log on earlier during the holiday season so I have more space for taking breaks throughout the day if needed. Otherwise, I just take it a day at a time.


Mark (Operations Director):

I think having the time to enjoy life in between work to really reflect back on life makes me manage my work-life balance.


Bill (CFO):



Alexandra (Junior Project Manager):

Watch comfort TV/movies, knitting, curl up with a blanket and a book or a podcast, and lots of tea.


And there you have it. Keep these in your toolbox for when you need them, and feel free to share anything that works well for you because we all need as many tips to relax as possible. Happy Holidays, and remember, deep breath in, deep breath out.