Project Management and Back to School Success: One in the Same

Summer 2021 is drawing swiftly to a close. And with the end of the summer, comes the beginning of a bright new school year! While I know that the first days of a new school year can be a bit nerve-wracking for parents and students alike, I always looked forward to those thrilling first days when students would step into my classroom, shiny new school supplies in hand, with excitement and anxiety scrawled across their faces in equal measure. Take it from a former teacher, project management and back-to-school success are one in the same. With this in mind, here are a few back to school inspired tips I encourage all project managers follow to make the recruitment process just a little bit easier for everyone:

  1. Keep an open communication channel with your key players.                                     
    In the same way that it’s important to keep an open line of communication with your child’s teacher, it’s absolutely imperative that we, as project managers, are in constant contact with our project teams and clients. Whether a recruit is going over just swimmingly or is proving to be more difficult than initially anticipated, clear and consistent communication can go a long way to ensuring client satisfaction. 
  2. Remember that the at-home routine is just as important.
    Just as students need a quiet place (preferably away from distractions like phones or TV screens) to focus on their schoolwork, those of us who work from home also require a distraction-free environment. Everyone here at Echo works remotely, and our global network of employees allows us greater flexibility and a broader range of working hours to communicate with clients and meet project deadlines faster.

  3. Lunch and snack breaks are brain fuel.
    Any teacher can tell you that there’s a direct correlation between “empty calories” such as candy or chips and students who suffer a mid-afternoon energy crash. Likewise, healthy snacks are just as much of a necessity to keep our workforce sharp and efficient throughout the day. Because our Echo staff works remotely, we even have a Slack channel dedicated to the delicious, nutritious homemade foods that keep us functioning at peak capacity!

  4. Make some time for a check-in.
    As we all know, it’s important to have “debrief” time with your child to talk about their life at school and any personal or academic issues they may have. Debriefs are important here at Echo, too. We intentionally schedule time with our clients to discuss what aspects of each project went well and which may need further refinement so that we can continue to improve our approach and build rapport. We also perform internal debriefs as a team here at Echo to enhance our efficiency, avoid common pitfalls, and elucidate best practices for project management.